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Hello everyone, and welcome to our blog!


This is my little place to write and share anything and everything I'm loving - fashion, travel, lifestyle and the occasional recipes post, since the little things from daily tips until whatever, here is our space and we have no limits. I started this blog as it is not only something my friends and family wanted me to do for years and I regret, but now I finally feel that I`m readybut I also felt as though I wasn't able to express myself the way I fully wanted to through just my Instagram and Instastories. Hope you all enjoy having a snoop and feel free to contact me here in the comments, on Instagram or by email - I love hearing from you all!



What is your full name? 

Margueritte Cogo Nabrink

How old are you?

I`m 28 years old; 1st September 1989.

Where are you from?/ Where do you live? 

I was born in Brazil and lived there with my family until I was 23 (I also lived for 6 months in Spain in 2012) and then I moved to USA and have been in New York for 2 years and half.

After that I stayed for 6 months working in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and then came back to USA.

I currently live in Boston – Massachusetts. 

Why are you starting the blog?

I`m living so far away from my family and friends and I miss them a lot and also want to share with them my life. It is mainly for our Family & Friends around USA, Brazil and etc to read and see what we were up to here in Boston.

They always ask for my suggestions of everything: food, diets, restaurants, guide travel, clothes, make-up, beauty world and what else you can imagine. I feel glad that I have so many people that trust on my opinion, suggestions and tips, so why not share my discoveries with you all?  


Instagram: @bymargue

Snapchat: bymargue

E-mail: margue@bymargue.com


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