About us


Our relationship with Brazilian fashion is a lifetime romance - we never got over it!

It always feels like we miss home when we try to find brands and products that have both a good deal and great dressing quality. Dressing our nicest in the easiest way is something that makes us feel comfortable as who we are.

We believe that finding what to wear should be just as easy-breezy as putting on your sunglasses to lay down at the beach and enjoy the sun!

We're here to do the hard job of hand picking the most trustworthy products with best deals all the way down in Brazil to bring you simply what's best.

We learned about fashion through years of work in the fashion industry. Our business didn't start in the office - it was shaped on the buyer's floor and being patient, understanding trends and cycles and learning to appreciate the details.

Founder Margue Nabrink got her start working with fashion in New York City, one of the meccas of the fashion world.

Now in 2017, Margue presents a curated variety of international products, in the very first e-commerce to export only Brazilian brands abroad.

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